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The Pool Table

This project has been on my mind for some time. I finally decided to do something about it...and build it. But where to start?

Pool Table

Slate. Start with the slate. I got a deal on 3 pieces of 1 1/4" slate from a 7' Connelly pool table. I measured it up and started designing. I used Sketchup from Google. It is a great tool. If you'd like my design, you can get it here.

I wanted the table to play tough. If I can sink balls on it, I can sink balls anywhere. Besides, I will use this table mostly for practice purposes.

I did a lot of research and got most of my information from forums. There is a lot of information out there and with a little patience, I was able to sift through it all and get the information I needed.

General table guidelines are available from BCA.Here are the specs that I used, modeled after a Diamond table:

Corner Pocket Mouth          4 1/2"
Side Pocket Mouth                       5"
Vertical Pocket Angle              15º
Corner Pocket Openings       141º
Side Pocket Openings            102º
Corner Shelf                        1 7/16"
Side Shelf                                1/16"
Surface Height                   30 1/2"
Cusions                                       K55
Facings                                       1/8"
Nose Height                      1 13/32"

I built the frame out of plywood with a #2 pine vaneer. The legs were made from 2x10 framing lumber. I made the rail assemblies out of poplar and #2 pine. The finish is Minwax Ipswitch Pine covered with a few coats of satin polyeurethane.

I used Diamond K55 cushions, standard #6 pockets and Simonis 860 fabric. I have to say that nothing plays like Simonis. There is an issue with it though. No tables that I play on locally have it, so speed compensation is always an issue when I play away from home. But, no one has good cue balls either, so adapting is critical.

It was a fun and rewarding  project. The table plays great and looks fantastic in my space.

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