Efforts in Frugality

Creative money saving projects

Build an electric guitar

I've wanted a quality guitar as long as I can remember.

One has never been in the budget so I decided to build my own.

Visit the guitar page to see how I did it.

Don't trust your dealer

I've got an outboard motor that has been giving me fits for years.

After repeated visits to the dealer, not only is the original problem still existant, there are new issues as well.

I finally decided to do something about it.

Watch it here.

Build a pool table

Ever wanted a pool table but didn't want to drop the coin on a quality unit?

I did. So I decided to build my own.

Visit the Pool Table page to watch the video and see how I did it.

Rebuild your tired drill

Got an old drill that just won't drill anymore?

Rebuild it!

I did in the Drill Resurection episode.

Add a speed control to your fireplace fan...or...any fan

 The fan on my fireplace runs long after the firebox is cold, wasting energy needlessly. It is also loud, blowing much more than it needs to.

So, I decided to feed two birds with one cracker and add a speed control to the unit to rectify the situation.

See howI did it in Episode 4.1


Being frugal is a constant excercise in efficiency.

Watch all the video episodes here.